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The Silver Mountain Experience


Steeped in myths and legends, high in the ancient Cambrian Mountains, the Silver Mountain Experience has tumbling streams, mysterious forests and long abandoned mine workings that will take you on a journey through the mists of time.

Dare you enter the Black Chasm? Wales’s scariest underground experience where your worst nightmares will become reality. Beware of the Coblynau, Morgens, Orcs and others that dwell in the darkness. Tread lightly foolish traveller or your blood curdling screams will echo through the abandoned mine for all eternity! Not for those of a nervous disposition.

For younger members of the family they can be let loose to experience the Magic of Woo Hoo Wood and explore the tunnels where the Grovels dwell. Whether creating dens in the trees, building dams in the stream or playing with waterwheels in our Silver River play area there is plenty to do for all the family, whatever the weather.

Walk the Miners Trail. See, hear and feel the history around you. Start with the Silver Mine exhibition and then explore this award winning site at your leisure, following in the footsteps of those miners from long ago.

And don’t forget to have a go at gem panning!

Utterly entertaining, truly terrifying and fantastic fun.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Silver Mountain Experience